Life-Giving Wisdom

The first month of your life was incredibly humbling.  There were more helpless moments for me during that time than I think in the rest of my life combined so far.  During the first two weeks, you weren’t eating enough, you were choking on your food, and there were several times when you would stop breathing.   To make things worse, you started to get this thick, stringy mucous in the back of your throat that you would choke on and stop breathing while you slept.  Your mom and I would do everything we could to get you to breathe again, and we worked hard to help you with the mucous.  There were many nights when we didn’t feel like we could sleep just in case you stopped breathing.  Your mom would lie next to you all night watching and listening to make sure you were ok.  On top of all this, we shared these things with your doctor, and she said this was all normal.  Seriously?  Normal?  This was not normal.

Finally, we took you into the hospital, and we discovered that you were more premature than originally thought.  They told us your doctor should have sent you to the hospital a long time ago and that we had been keeping you alive the whole time.  I will never forget how surprised the nurses were that you were even alive.  They told us that if we hadn’t been doing all that we did for you, you probably wouldn’t have made it.  That was the beginning of 3 very long weeks with you in the NICU.  Toward the end of that time, I can remember your mom saying, “I believe that the Lord gave us the wisdom we needed to keep our baby alive.”  I think she was right!

If there is anything true of people, it is abundantly clear that we are arrogant.  In other words, we have a very exaggerated opinion of ourselves.  By exaggerated, I mean our opinions of ourselves and our thinking are actually way higher than they should be.  We see ourselves as being so wise and smart, but this is simply not true.  Our arrogance causes us to live in a false reality that willfully stays blind to the obvious.  In our arrogance we are in fact ignorant. The world is filled with people living destructive lives, yet in the midst of it all they are convinced they have everything figured out.  The last thing you want to do is question their choices and try to correct them.  It is no surprise that God warned the wise that in return for trying to correct a fool they would get abuse and hurt (Prov. 1:7, 9:7).

The true source of wisdom is God (Prov. 1:7, 2:2-7, 9:10, etc.).  He by definition is infinitely wise; therefore, those who lack wisdom should look to His perfect advice and instruction.  Wisdom is knowing what needs to be done and how to do it in the best possible way.  God’s infinite knowledge allows Him to instruct us and teach us about what is best not simply because He said so but because He knows and desires what is best for us.  By rejecting His Word, we are actually bringing harm to ourselves (Prov. 1:31-32, 2:31-32,4:19).  To remain in our arrogance and ignorance is incredibly sadistic.  If fact, it usually takes a large degree of misery in a person’s life before they are willing to look for better answers.  If we find those answers in God’s Word, it will always direct us in the way that will be most beneficial and enjoyable (Prov. 2:7-11, 3:5-8).  God’s Word is intended to correct us and teach us how to live and enjoy life (Prov. 3:11-12).  It is very common for people to believe that God’s Word has nothing to do with everyday life.  They see it as an old book that doesn’t have anything to say about the basic choices we have to make moment by moment.  On the contrary, God’s Word gives us the wisdom we need for all life.  There is no area of life that its truth doesn’t impact.  It is tempting to hear this and even say it is correct, but do we actually believe it?  If we truly believed God was smarter than us, we would be a people who never cease to study and delight in His Word.  Regardless of what everyone else thinks, we would live our lives by His book confidently knowing that in the end it will always be best.  God loves to give His people wisdom for life.  All we need to do is search for it in Him (Prov. 3:5-8, James 1:5).

Your mom and I believe this.  We believe it was His instruction that gave us the wisdom to make the best choices for you.  In the end, we can give Him the credit for protecting you and caring for you.  It is our goal to raise you in the wisdom of the Lord.  I know I will fail many times, but we will always do our best to point you toward the wisdom of God that will correct you and set you on the right path.  Don’t trust those around you who want to give you worldly advice.  It might sound wise to them, but in the end it will always fail you.  The people around you do not know what is best, but God always does.  I pray that we will raise you to be wise in this life and to do everything you can to run from the foolishness that will ultimately bring hurt and pain.